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"We are focused and committed to making sure our efforts are always aligned with our customers as they carry out their life-saving mission." 

- Cole Bachelder, President

Life-Saving Insight:

Gift of Life Philadelphia has consistently been one of the highest-performing Organ Procurement Organizations in the entire nation. They utilize NORA's ground and tissue transportation. 

NORA's 24/7/365 Dispatch center assists in the arraignment of assigned transports with Gift of Life, and it is NORA's pleasure to work with and support their organization.

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Nationwide Service

NORA currently serves over 50 hospitals, OPOs, and medical facilities nationwide. 


NORA's Mission

NORA prides itself on being the industry leader for all others to follow. NORA's staff is trained specifically to the protocols and procedures to the base that they are assigned.


NORA's mission is to support and provide services specifically for OPOs and have developed protocols, policies, and procedures to facilitate the successful transportation of life-changing and saving donations. 

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