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NORA prides itself on its proprietary technology that we offer to our partners. This technology supports our clients, their mission, and their needs in order to continue to do their life-saving work. 

Our proprietary dispatch software is the brains of the NORA Communications Center. This unique solution improves the dispatch process's speed and effectiveness. Each customer has their own unique profile that includes individual customer preferences, procurement coordinator contact information, as well as detailed instructions for mission completion. NORA's Dispatch utilizes the following:  

  • Custom Dispatch Software 

  • Back-up Data System

  • Emergency Generator 

  • Nationwide Flight Tracking

  • GPS-based fleet management 

  • Inbound and Outbound Phone Recording




On the Ground

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OPOs and Transplant Centers across the country appreciate the safety, comfort, and prestige that a NORA vehicle adds to their organization. Multiple clients choose to have their NORA vehicles organizationally branded to promote organ and tissue donation in their service area.

  • Chevrolet Suburbans​​​

    • 7 Passenger 

    • 5 Star Safety Rated

    • 4 Wheel Drive

  • Chevrolet Equinoxes 

    • 4 Passenger

    • 5 Star Safety Rated 

    • All-Wheel Drive

  • All Vehicles Equipped with: 

    • GPS Navigation

    • Lights and Siren (where permitted by law)

    • Onboard Amenities:

      • Entertainment

      • Wi-Fi 

      • Power Ports

      • Blankets and pillows

      • Beverages and snacks

NORA strives for continual growth and improvement. We are constantly modifying, updating and providing the best technology to our staff and partners and maximizing all potential efficiencies. This growth mindset has allowed us to pioneer and become leaders in the transportation of organ preservation devices such as Life Port Kidney Pumps, the Organ Ox, Transmedics OCS Devices.


NORA’s quality mindset extends far beyond our technological innovations. We integrate into organizational QAPI programs to assure for constant collaboration and process resolution. With the ever-changing rules and regulations regarding organ donation and transportation. NORA stands ready to adapt, modify and change our current procedures to always accomplish the tasks at hand. 

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Constantly Improving 

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