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24/7/ 365


From the moment a call is received by our professionally trained staff, a dispatch coordinator will arrange every detail to assure a comfortable and safe mission. In our 24/7/365 Communication Center, no voicemail or answering service will ever be utilized, every caller is our highest priority.

Our dispatch team is well-equipped with the necessary skills and resources to coordinate the transportation of life-saving organs and tissues. Our Communication Center staff works collaboratively to find solutions to problems. Our employees are friendly, courteous, skilled, and knowledgeable. NORA's staff will ensure compliance and effective use of your staff's time by accommodating their actions to your organization's individual requirements and regulations.


Client Tailored Training


GPS Tracked & Monitored from Start to Finish


The NORA Communications & Dispatch Center relies on our proprietary dispatch software, which enhances the speed and efficiency of the dispatch process. Each customer has a personalized profile that includes their preferences, procurement coordinator's contact details, and detailed mission instructions. NORA's Dispatch employs the following tools:

  • Custom Dispatch Software 

  • Back-up Data System

  • Emergency Generator 

  • Nationwide Flight Tracking

  • GPS-based fleet management 

  • Inbound and Outbound Phone Recording

 An engaged, onsite leadership team at NORA is present 24/7/365, ensuring that all communication center staff are supported, valued and can provide the best recommendations to customers during their transportation requests. In addition to our in-house directors and supervisors we have administrators on call to support all levels of our organization and assure coverage around the clock.



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