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Air Transportation


In addition to NORA's dedicated aircrafts, we maintain a vast nationwide network of FAA part 135 air charter operators to serve our clients, specifically designed to ensure reliable 24/7/365 multi-aircraft availability. 

Since aircraft availability can change at a moment's notice, NORA has dedicated flight coordinators responsible for continually monitoring aircraft and flight crew availability. Keeping up-to-date on the status of all aircrafts and pilots in our network means that NORA will respond quickly to your request. We routinely place soft and hard holds on planes to support our client's needs, saving valuable aircraft dispatch time.


NORA is constantly growing our vast network of both dedicated aircraft and our on-demand network to meet the ever-changing needs of our partners is transplantation

  • Light and Midsize Jets

  • Turboprops

  • Twin Engine (For cargo-only flights)

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Private Air Charter

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Import & Export
Organ-Only Flights

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Over the last decade NORA has pioneered the service of organ-only flights for both importing and exporting solid organs to other donor service areas.

Organ-only flights are a cost-effective option created in response to organ allocation policy among designated service areas. This is a viable option for OPOs experiencing increased imports into their DSA's and mitigating cost risks. Organ-only flights can mitigate cost by shortening repositioning distance and time.

NORA, boasting TSA certification as an Indirect Air Carrier, operates with a workforce exceeding 900 employees each holding STA approval, enabling us to seamlessly transport shipments on all major airlines throughout the United States.


This allows NORA to book our staff onboard the aircraft inside the cabin, where we can ensure care, custody, and control of the organ to its end destination.

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Commercial Flights/ Onboard Couriers

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Industry Leader Approval

We have found working with NORA to be extremely cost-effective and has really helped our ability to do our work. Adding in NORA for Organ Only Flights has been extremely effective in serving our mission.

Peter Farstad

Interim CEO, LifeSource

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