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Donor Transportation

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NORA provides custom-built tissue vans with commercial refrigeration units, allowing for state-of-the-art transportation of deceased tissue donors, extending acceptable ischemic time, and increasing the ability for recovered tissues as donors are kept at constant temperature.

Organ and Tissue Procurement Organizations nationwide value the reliability and security that our refrigerated Donor Transport Vehicles vehicles bring to their operations. Numerous partner organizations opt to customize their vehicles with organizational branding, effectively raising awareness for organ and tissue donation within their designated service regions.

NORA's proprietary vehicles allow for continuous and stable refrigeration at morgue temperatures leading to more favorable outcomes in tissue donor recoveries.

  • New 5-Star Safety Rated, All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

  • Two Way Communication Capability

  • Secure, Data Encrypted Tablets to Deliver Mission Critical Information

  • Customized Tissue Vans with Commercial Refrigeration

  • Dual Ferno Heavy Duty High Boy Stretcher Capabilities

    • 1,000 LB Weight Rating​

Tissue Vans_.jpg

Tissue Vans

Tissue Vans_.jpg

​A Trusted 


NORA's expertise and reliability have allowed our continued growth and development allowing us to serve more and more organizations in the organ donation and transplantation communities. This allows our partners to continue their critical mission of saving lives and giving hope.

They are a lot more consistent, professional and reliable than any other practice that we have used prior.

Brad Barrois

Director of Tissue Recovery

Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA)

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