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Sean Mazgay

Executive Director of 

Dispatch Operations


(630) 379-3621


Sean Mazgay, Executive Director of Dispatch Operations

Sean Mazgay is a dynamic and dedicated leader, currently serving as the Executive Director of Dispatch Operations at Nationwide Organ Recovery Transport Alliance (NORA). With a rich background in operations management, particularly in the challenging environment of drug and alcohol treatment centers, Sean brings a unique blend of compassion, strategic thinking, and operational expertise to the field of organ transplant logistics.


Before joining NORA, Sean honed his skills in the demanding world of healthcare operations. His experience in drug and alcohol treatment centers not only equipped him with critical operational management skills but also instilled a deep understanding of the importance of empathy and meticulous care in high-stakes environments. This background laid a solid foundation for his subsequent role in organ recovery and transportation.


Sean began his journey at NORA as a dispatcher, a role that required acute attention to detail, exceptional organizational skills, and the ability to make swift, life-impacting decisions. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the mission of NORA and an innate ability to navigate the complexities of organ transportation logistics, Sean quickly rose through the ranks.


As the Executive Director of Dispatch Operations, Sean now oversees the critical function of coordinating organ transplant transportation across the United States. His role is pivotal in ensuring the timely and safe delivery of organs, directly impacting the lives of recipients and their families. Sean's leadership is characterized by a strategic approach to operational challenges, a talent for effective communication, and a passion for excellence in service.


Under Sean's guidance, the dispatch operations team at NORA has continued to excel, contributing significantly to the organization's mission of saving lives through efficient organ transplant logistics. Sean's journey from a dispatcher to an executive director is a testament to his dedication, skill, and the profound impact he has made in the field of organ recovery and transportation.

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