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Ron Shawgo, Director of Technology Infrastructure

Ron Shawgo is a seasoned professional and the Director of Technology Infrastructure at Nationwide Organ Recovery and Transport Alliance (NORA). His journey with NORA began at the beginning of the company's inception in 2011 when he joined as a Driver Supervisor for the Downstate Illinois region. Ron brought with him nine years of valuable experience serving the transplant community in a similar role, establishing himself as a dedicated and knowledgeable asset to the team.

In 2021, Ron's expertise and contributions were further recognized when he was promoted to Director of Technology and Information Services, and then in 2024, became the Director of Technology Infrastructure. His responsibilities included spearheading the implementation of in-vehicle mobile tablets, and transitioning paperwork and communication to a digital format. Starting with approximately 60 vehicles, Ron now manages over 275 mobile tablets, a forms management system, and a GPS tracking system. Additionally, he oversees the administration of nearly 600 company email accounts, showcasing his proficiency in leveraging technology for operational efficiency.

A graduate of Lincoln Community High School in 1988, Ron has continuously pursued education in EMS, Fire, and HazMat-related courses. His extensive career in emergency services spans 25 years as an EMT-B, and he served as a Certified Firefighter II for 16 years in a volunteer and part-time capacity, covering 141 square miles. Active in the local Emergency Management Agency, Ron holds the position of lieutenant on the Communications Team and is a NWS-trained weather spotter.

Ron's passion for technology ignited at the age of 11 when he purchased his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20. Over the years, he has extensively used computers in composing music, video production, and graphics/photography. A natural troubleshooter and problem solver, Ron thrives on gaining additional knowledge in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Residing in Lincoln, IL, Ron is a proud father of three adult children—two sons and a daughter. Tragically losing his wife to Covid in the fall of 2021, Ron found renewed purpose in her organ donation, deepening his commitment to NORA's mission. Throughout his career, Ron has lived by the motto "We'll make it happen," whether navigating transportation logistics or implementing cutting-edge technology, showcasing his unwavering dedication to overcoming challenges.

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