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Rodney Jones

Vice President of

Strategic Partnerships


(630) 659-8319


Rodney Jones, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Rodney Jones is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in various clinical verticals. He excels in data-driven decision-making and has a track record of success in strategic market development for clinical organizations, both startups and established ones.

With extensive industry expertise and a strong network of subject matter experts, Rodney specializes in translating market insights into impactful strategies. His transformative leadership empowers teams to achieve notable growth and maintain a competitive edge in dynamic environments.

Previously, Rodney played key roles at XVIVO Perfusion, where he led business development and established the company as the market leader in Lung Perfusion in the United States. He also led XVIVO's global expansion efforts in Latin America and Asia for abdominal and thoracic organ perfusion.

Additionally, Rodney was involved in the inception of AnaBios, where he developed a reliable supply chain for functional human assays and created marketing and training materials for OPO partners.

Rodney's diverse background includes seven years as a Transplant Coordinator at the Gift of Life program in Philadelphia and a stint as a flight paramedic with Sky Flight Care in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

In his free time, Rodney enjoys traveling, savoring good food, and engaging in ultra-endurance sports like running, biking, and hiking.

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