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Nick Tazelaar

VP of Dispatch Operations


(630) 549-9600


Nick Tazelaar, VP of Dispatch Operations

Nick Tazelaar is an accomplished professional serving as the Vice President of Dispatch Operations at Nationwide Organ Recovery Transport Alliance, with four years of dedicated service to the organization. 


Prior to joining the company, Nick's career was marked by his service in the Army, law enforcement, and emergency medical services. With over a decade of experience in these fields, he developed a deep understanding of teamwork, attention to detail, and the ability to thrive under pressure. 


Nick embarked on his journey with the company as a dispatch coordinator, demonstrating his commitment and dedication to his work. Through hard work, and a passion for excellence,  he embraced opportunities for growth and development. His determination and ability to navigate complex logistical challenges propelled him to his current position as Vice President of Dispatch Operations. 


In his role, Nick oversees the crucial task of coordinating organ transplant transportation throughout the United States. His extensive experience in emergency response and logistics, coupled with his strategic planning and effective communication skills, ensures the efficient and timely delivery of life-saving organs.  


As the Vice President of Dispatch Operations, he plays a pivotal role in the company's mission to save lives through efficient organ transplant logistics. Through his leadership and commitment to excellence, Nick continues to help shape the future of the organization and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals in need. 

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