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Miri Chen

Business Systems 



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Miri Chen, Business Systems Manager

 Miri Chen is a dedicated Biomedical Engineer who brings a unique blend of technical expertise and compassionate insight to her role as Business Systems Manager at Nationwide Organ Recovery Transplant Alliance. Her responsibilities include managing and continuously improving software and solutions designed to enhance the efficiency of dispatch operations. Miri’s role is crucial in ensuring that NORA’s technological infrastructure supports its mission to reliably deliver both air and ground transportation to the organ recovery community through innovative solutions. 


A graduate of Northern Illinois University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, Miri specialized in biomedical instrumentations, sensors and signal processing. She also holds a minor in Psychology, providing her with a well-rounded understanding of technical solutions and system implementations with an empathetic insight on user experience. 

Originally from Queens, New York, Miri’s background is as diverse as it is extensive, having also lived in Philadelphia, Boston and Kansas. Her career path was influenced by her early proficiency with technology, which led to her initial pursuit of computer science; however, her passion for helping others led her to the medical field. Biomedical engineering perfectly merged her technical skills with her desire to make a difference in healthcare. 


Miri joined NORA after graduating in the summer of 2022, starting as a dispatcher. The experience as a dispatcher was invaluable, as it provided a deep understanding of the user base and the practical needs required when implementing new software and improving current solutions. Miri strives to use her unique combination of knowledge, expertise and diverse background to optimize NORA’s operational efficiency in her role as Business Systems Manager. 

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