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Transportation & Logistics Supervisor


(855) 554-6672


Lisa Johnson, Transportation & Logistics Supervisor

Lisa embarked on her remarkable journey with NORA in July of 2021, initially joining as a dispatcher. Her dedication and exemplary performance have since led to a series of significant advancements within the organization.

In the same year, Lisa extended her contributions by assisting the NKR team, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the mission. In April of 2022, she transitioned into the role of Lead Transportation Coordinator, where she not only provided crucial support to shift supervisors but also played a pivotal role in training new staff.

Lisa's professional background as a medical laboratory technologist for 15 years has greatly influenced her approach to her work at NORA. Her keen attention to detail, commitment to efficiency, and dedication to accuracy are qualities that she honed during her tenure in the medical field. Lisa's ability to effectively liaise between various stakeholders,

including base staff, Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs), transplant centers, and laboratory clinicians, highlights her exceptional skills in communication and coordination.

Her talent for building relationships and maintaining a professional rapport with partners in the transplant community has established Lisa as an invaluable member of the NORA team. Beyond her professional achievements, Lisa is a loving mother to her son, daughter, and two dogs, demonstrating her ability to balance a fulfilling personal life with a successful career.

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