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Transportation and

Logistics Supervisor




 Jake Weede, Transportation and Logistics Supervisor

Jake Weede has been an integral part of NORA since joining the organization in September 2020. Starting as a dispatcher, Jake swiftly advanced to the role of Supervisor, where he currently serves as the most senior leader in the office.


Jake's academic odyssey began at Elgin Community College before he transitioned to Aurora University, where he obtained dual bachelor's degrees in Communication & Media Studies and Graphic Design. His diverse educational background equipped him with versatile skill sets, emphasizing effective communication and creative problem-solving.

Rooted in his upbringing, Jake's formative years were defined by a passion for sports. As the former captain of his high school's Varsity baseball team and a collegiate player at ECC, he gleaned invaluable lessons in resilience and teamwork that continue to shape his leadership philosophy.

Now residing in Hinckley, IL, Jake shares his home with his fiancée Anna and their loyal companion Benny. Whether traversing the great outdoors with loved ones or engaging in virtual camaraderie with friends over video games, Jake finds fulfillment in fostering connections and embracing life's adventures.

Guided by his personal mantra, Jake believes that challenges are opportunities for growth and positivity. Drawing from his athletic background, he approaches leadership with a proactive mindset, always seeking innovative solutions to navigate through adversity and drive success for his team at NORA.

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