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Executive Director of Aviation Programs




 Garrett White, Executive Director of Aviation Programs

After successful forays in both the Hospitality and Staffing & Recruiting industries, Garrett elected to make the transition into the Transportation & Logistics world, joining NORA in October of 2019. Quickly rising through the ranks, Garrett has held many roles throughout his tenure with NORA, including Transportation & Client Service Coordinator, Dispatch Supervisor, Director of Flight Operations, Director of Dispatch Operations, and most recently, Executive Director of Aviation Programs, fulfilling a long-standing career goal to work in the charter aviation industry and a lifelong passion for helping people.


Garrett is responsible for complete oversight of flight operations for NORA, including sourcing, vetting, and onboarding new air operators developing, proposing, and executing new client air contracts, in collaboration with Don Jones, and all accounting functions related to NORA flight missions.


Averaging over 300 charter flights, and 2,000+ flight hours per month, the flight department serves as the primary driver for NORA's success, and Garrett has been instrumental in its growth. Under Garrett's leadership, NORA's flight department has evolved to a team of 6 dedicated Flight Specialists, tasked round-the-clock with crafting and executing complex air logistics plans for NORA's 10 dedicated aircraft, positioned strategically throughout the United States to best serve NORA's customer base, in addition to a vast network of over 250 on-demand air operators providing supplemental lift services for NORA's life-saving mission.

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