Over 80 years of combined management experience.
A Proven Transportation System for over 20 years.
Caring, Professional, Knowledgeable, Highly Experienced staff 
— Cole Bachelder, NORA Founder

When evaluating your organization’s present transportation systems and needs, ask yourself these important questions:

How much time do we spend arranging transportation?

Let’s face it; time is always in short supply and something you cannot afford to waste. Working with NORA means that you will spend less time on this critical element to the Organ Recovery process.

A single call to NORA is all that’s needed to arrange seamless nationwide ground and/or air transportation. You no longer need to call numerous ground or air providers because NORA provides a One Call Solution so you can focus on what’s most important; saving lives

How comfortable, safe and appropriate are the ground vehicles that transport our Procurement Teams right now?

Most OPOs are forced to use taxi cabs, limousines or ambulances because until now, those were the only choices. NORA has a better solution!

  • Brand New 8 Passenger Suburban SUVs

  • Lights and Siren Capability

  • Specially Trained and Experienced (EMS) Drivers

  • Comfortable Leather Seating, Pillows and Blankets

  • Power Ports for your electronics

  • Complimentary Beverages, Snacks and Amenities

We have a difficult time making air transportation arrangements. How can NORA help us?

Making Air Transport arrangements can be by far the most frustrating and stressful part of your job. Even your best aviation vendor is frequently unavailable because of maintenance issues, pilot availability etc. and that forces you to make countless phone calls to others in search of someone who can help. The NORA One Call Solution takes the stress and frustration out of making air transport arrangements!

  • A Single Call to arrange Nationwide Air Transport

  • Dedicated Contracted Primary Aircraft Fleet

  • Deep, Multi-Level Back-Up Aircraft on daily stand-by

  • Close monitoring and coordination of every flight

  • Jet, Turbo-Prop or Twin? The right aircraft for the mission!

  • All aircraft and vendors are independently audited for safety and compliance.

  • Airline Transport Rated Pilots and Co-Pilots on every flight.

*NORA Flights are operated by contracted direct air carriers holding certificates issued under FAA 14 C.F.R Part 135 or Part 121.

Is our current ground or air transport vendor adequately insured?

You’d be surprised at how many transportation providers scrimp when it comes to insurance. You and your Risk Management department need to be secure knowing that not only does the primary vendor carry adequate insurance but also that every back-up vendor is also properly covered. NORA is serious when it comes to protecting our clients. That’s why we maintain some of the highest limits in our industry. In addition, all back-up providers must maintain these same limits in order to provide service to NORA clients.

  • Commercial Auto Liability $2M

  • Aircraft Liability $50M to $100M combined policies

  • Commercial General Liability $5M

  • Your organization to be listed as secondary insured

Do our current transportation vendors really understand the special requirements and unique needs of our organization?

NORA is dedicated solely to Organ Recovery and Transplantation transport! We understand the unique needs and special requirements of this important, life-saving work. Rest assured that every member of our dedicated and highly experienced staff will impress you with their intuitive knowledge of your industry.

  • Owners have over 80 years of combined experience

  • A Proven Transportation System for over 20 years

  • Caring, Professional, Knowledgeable, Highly Experienced staff