NORA Dedicated Donor Transport


  • Refrigeration system

  • All wheel drive

  • GPS Tracking

  • 2 Way radio communication

Equipment and Supplies

  • Dual stretcher and ramp loading system that can be operated by one person

  • Body bags

  • Sanitation and cleaning supplies


Protocols and procedures are developed to meet the specific requirements of your program and drivers are trained to meet those needs.

  • Drivers shall retrieve the donor, and any requested records, following all applicable institutional policies and procedures, while handling the donor respectfully and consistent with industry standards.

  • Continuous communication will be maintained, to all involved parties such as, morgues, medical examiners, dispatch, OPO coordinators, etc., providing updated ETA’s until the transport is completed.

  • We will pick up records, personal belongings (document the belongings), death certificates, etc.

  • Driver shall ensure the donor is accompanied by adequate identification, including a unique identifier of the donor and the facility or entity from which it was retrieved.

  • Any delays, concerns, conflicts or questions are immediately addressed and resolved.