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Tissue Transportation

NORA Provides state-of-the-art transportation for diseased donors, including refrigerated vans that allow for better cold ischemic times as the donors are kept at morgue temperature. 

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Tissue Vans

  • Modified, All-Weather Ford Transit Vans 

  • Two Ferno Stretcher Capacity Per Vehicle 

  • Trained and Professional Drivers for Every Call  

  • A Live, US Based, Dispatch Staff, Always On Call

  • Cooled and Refrigerated to Morgue Temperatures

  • GPS Monitored and Tracked w/ Real Time Updates


A Trusted 

NORA’s expertise and reliability for the Organ Procurement and Transplantation community have allowed for continuous growth and development as more and more trust NORA to become their partner in continuing and saving life. 

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Constantly Improving 

NORA’s strives for continual growth and improvement, we are constantly modifying, updating and providing the best technology to our staff and partners to maximize their efficiencies. This growth mindset has allowed us to pioneer and become leaders in the transportation of life preserving devices such as Kidney Pumps, the Organ Ox, Transmedic Devices and Lifeport. 


This extends beyond NORA’s technological side and aspects, as the recent changes and rulings in regards to organ transplantation and donation, NORA stands ready to adapt, change and modify any of its procedures to continue to successfully accomplish the task at hand. 

NORA provides trained and professional staff for the protocols and procedures of your organization to exceed expectations.

Scott Demcyzszyn ,


GPS Tracked.


Do You Have What it Takes?

Join a rewarding, exciting, life-saving career with NORA, and become part of a team that helps facilitate life-changing transports 24/7/365.

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