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Air Transportation

NORA maintains a vast nationwide network of FAA part 135 air charter operators to serve its clients, explicitly designed to ensure reliable 24/7 multi-aircraft availability. 

Private Air Charter

Since aircraft availability can change daily and hourly, NORA has an assigned coordinator whose primary responsibility is continually monitoring aircraft and flight crew availability. Keeping up-to-date on the status of all aircraft and pilots in our network means that NORA will respond quickly to your request. We routinely place soft and hard holds on aircraft to support our client's needs and save valuable aircraft dispatch time. NORA can arrange a full-time dedicated aircraft for your program depending on flight volume.

  • Jets

  • Turboprops

  • Twin Engine

    • (For cargo-only flights)

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Organ Only Flights

Organ-only flights are a cost-effective option created in response to organ allocation policy among designated service areas. This is a viable option for OPOs experiencing increased imports into their DSA's and mitigating cost risks and resources expended.


Organizations utilize Organ Only flights to mitigate the cost risk of mounting distant flights and save on their in-house charter flight resources. 

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Commercial Flights/ Onboard Couriers

NORA is designated as a "known shipper" by the Transportation Safety Administration and contracts with most US domestic commercial carriers for the scheduled transportation of organs.


Our airline and TSA relationships with NORA's nationwide network of couriers means that clients have an economical alternative for less time-sensitive transport needs.

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Insurance &

NORA is serious when it comes to protecting our clients. NORA is insured with some of the highest limits in our industry. In addition, all backup providers must maintain these same limits to provide service to NORA clients.

  • Commercial Auto Liability $2M

  • Aircraft Liability $50M to $100M combined policies

  • Commercial General Liability $5M

  • Your organization to be listed as a secondary insured

Industry Leader Approval

"We have found that working with NORA to be extremely cost effective and has really helped our ability to do our work. Adding in NORA for Organ Only Flights has been extremely effective in serving our mission."

Peter Farstad, Interim CEO, LifeSource



NORA specifically designed its services to function as an individual entity or to work in tandem with one another. Many flights can be paired with NORA's Ground Transportation based on the organization's preferences and needs. Learn more about our Ground Transportation.

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